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VENet Best Practice Seminar in Brussels
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European Union, EU
Gateway of the European Union
The EQUAL initiative is a laboratory for new ideas for the European Employment Strategy and the Social Inclusion Process. EQUAL is implemented in and between the Member States and is funded through the European Social Fund. The website explains how EQUAL works and presents success stories of projects including a database of all EQUAL projects.
European Employment Strategy, EES
This page outlines the European Employment Strategy of the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.
EQUAL Glossary
The glossary describes "EQUAL terms" in any chosen EU member state language.
European Social Fund, ESF
This webpage explains the objects, priorities and programmes of the ESF and informs about how to access ESF support.
The site provides a broad range of statistical information on the EU Member States.
European Centre for Development of Vocational Training, CEDEFOP
The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) is the European Union's reference centre for vocational education and training. We provide information on and analyses of vocational education and training systems, policies, research and practice. Our information, research and dissemination activities support vocational education and training specialists to develop and improve vocational education and training in Europe.
European Training Village, ETV
The ETV is a Cedefop website which provides up-to-date information on vocational education and training in Europe.
The European Job Mobility Portal - Eures
The portal provides a wide range of information and advice for employers and employees that want to benefit from the principle of free movement of persons.
European Year of Workers` Mobility 2006
The page resumes all events and activities in connection with the European Year of Workers' Mobility 2006.
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