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VENet Best Practice Seminar in Brussels
About VENet
Development Partnerships
Austrian DP
Role in VENet
People Involved
Cypriot DP
Role in VENet
People Involved
German DP
Role in VENet
People Involved
Polish DP
Role in VENet
People Involved
VENet Model
Description of the VENet Model
Compact VENet Model
VENet Management
Practical Vocational Training
Theoretical Vocational Training
Life Skills Training
Labour-Market Interface
Psychosocial Care and Support
Strategic Partner Support
Advantages and Benefits
Advantages for Companies
Advantages for Educational Institutions
Advantages for Political Organisations
Advantages for Employment Agencies
Make your own VENet
Practical VENet Example: Austria
Practical VENet Example: Cyprus
Practical VENet Example: Germany
Practical VENet Example: Poland
Gender Mainstreaming
Information on GM and Gender Equality
GM in Projects and Workplaces
Gender Sensitive Language
Partner Country Statistics
Useful Links
Opinions / Suggestions / Feedback
Members Section
Internal Downloads
1. TCA Meeting Nicosia
2. TCA Meeting Graz
3. TCA Meeting Werl
4. TCA Meeting Katowice
Other Documents
Contact Us
Contact Us
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